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We want to
help real people achieve real results


Founder and Director of ENZED Fitness Nathan Zajac has been helping people change their lives through health and fitness since 2007. Passionate about the industry, his purpose was to create a gym and cultivate a community that would serve members at any stage of their fitness journey.

The gym is a sanctuary where judgement, stereotypes and society’s expectations are not fed or cultivated. Rather, the gym is a platform that allows members of all shapes and sizes to launch their fitness journey for incredible results with no judgement.

Nathan has taken his wealth of knowledge in programming and adapted it to the group training environment with the main focus to motivate and educate people through their fitness journey and achieve maximum results.

Our weight plates, bars, kettlebells, racks and all other equipment are sourced from quality supplies to endure the test of time.

All nutrition plans and recipes are written by a certified nutritionist with forum support and coaching for optimal results.

Toilet, shower, beauty and change room facilities available for your convenience.

Exclusive forum support for education and motivation from our trainers and fitness community.


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