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Finding Your Training Frequency Sweet Spot: A Guide to Optimal Workout Schedules

At ENZED Fitness, one of the most common questions we get asked is “What is my ideal workout frequency?” The answer to this query is highly variable. We recommend using this blog as a guide to understanding the basics of frequency and intensity in training.

Together, let’s run through:

  • What beginners need to keep in mind when developing a new training routine 
  • How to nail the perfect equilibrium between rest and exercise
  • Modifying your routine based on your fitness goals
  • How to enhance your daily life to include fitness


Training Frequency for Beginners

No matter what your fitness goals are, starting your training frequency modestly will work wonders when creating a sustainable training routine. The biggest mistake we see is over education with our beginners. It’s incredible to be jazzed up about your new fitness routine but, for your long-term commitment to training, launching small will keep you sustainable. 


We recommend committing to two to three days a week and making sure you train your full body in your training sessions. With this training frequency, you’ll be able to seamlessly slide these sessions into your routine without getting overwhelmed. 


It’s best practice to monitor your progress in monthly blocks when tailoring frequency to fitness level. It’s frequently said that it takes one month to build a habit. With this notion in mind, customising workout schedules based on how you have integrated your routine into your daily life will help lead you to your fitness goals.


Balancing Rest and Exercise

We can’t overstate how crucial it is to listen to your body in training. The benefits of rest days overshadow training at times. 

It’s important to note that you are not failing if you take a rest day.

Overtraining prevention is often an overlooked concept when it comes to customising workout schedules. A handful of overtraining symptoms that can be experienced are:

  • Pro longed muscle soreness
  • Burnout or a change in training mentality
  • Excessive exhustion
  • A decline in physical performance

Recovery and training optimisation should also be a focus to find consistency in fitness routines. For example, it wouldn’t be ideal to schedule three workout days in a row. Aim to stagger your rest days throughout the week to allow your body to recover.


Adjusting Frequency for Different Goals


Training frequency for weight loss: With this fitness goal, you should include a training frequency that has plenty of weights, functional movements as well has higher intensity exercise. Weight loss goals regularly require more consistency in fitness routines when compared with other targets. 


Training frequency for strength: Frequency and intensity in training take less time in your routine when compared with a weight loss fitness goal. This smaller time attribution is mostly because muscle recovery is crucial to creating a sustainable training routine.

A handful of examples of weights training exercises include:

  • Using weight machines at the gym
  • Push-ups and squats
  • Bodyweight training 
  • Free weights


Training frequency for mobility and flexibility: Many individuals turn to exercise if they are experiencing lost mobility and flexibility. It’s vital to consult with a professional, like the team at ENZED Fitness, to determine the prime training frequency depending on your specific needs.


Adaptions for Busy Schedules

We get it. A busy schedule can make it tricky to fit a workout routine in. Progressive training schedules allow you to nail your weekly workout planning while slipping seamlessly into your lifestyle. Here are our top tips and tricks:


Adjust your daily commute: If you have the chance, why not cycle or walk to work? If it’s not possible to stroll the whole way, you can walk partially. Another opportunity to get more exercise is by getting off a stop early on public transport and trekking the rest of the way to work.


Move your body while watching: While you’re binge-watching the latest episodes of your favourite show, this is an ideal time to do some mat exercises like yoga or light weights. 


Get active on your lunch break: Many of us work from home. Your lunch break is the perfect time to head to a group fitness class, or go for a stroll or run in your neighbourhood. 


Ready to Start Periodisation in Workout Frequency?

Here at ENZED Fitness, we offer local fitness classes for all abilities at our Newcastle fitness studio. Plus, our trainers are experts in advising on recovery and training optimisation.

What’s better is we offer a 7-day free trial so that you can get a taste of our facilities and the extensive variety of fitness offerings at our boutique gym in Newcastle. We’ll see you in the studio soon.