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November 2022

Let me ask you something:   Do you think about brushing your teeth in the morning? How about needing the motivation to get dressed? Or perhaps eating is where you hit a roadblock and need to watch motivational Youtube videos first?   Of course, the answer to these questions would be ‘No.’ Why? Because each of these is a habit: something you don’t think about but simply do.    The good news is that exercising, eating well, and other positive behaviours can become habits like the ones mentioned above. But you need the right strategies, so

We all know training is vital for building muscle, getting stronger, and becoming more athletic. Because of that, most people obsess over their training and seek ways to work out more frequently and push themselves more.   But what if we were to tell you that real results come from recovery? Sure, your training is important, but your rest days bring the gains.   Let’s discuss why that is.   Why Training Non-Stop Is Not The Answer   Have you ever heard the saying, “Stimulate, don’t annihilate.”? It means you should push yourself to some degree and create