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ENZED Workout split and why it works

The ENZED Fitness workout split

We’ve established why weight training and functional training are great for your health and fitness goals, but how exactly should you go about incorporating these types of training into your workout routine? Below is the ENZED Fitness training split that we have found to be highly effective in helping achieve your goals and why:

Day Muscle group
Monday Chest, triceps, hamstrings & core
Tuesday Full body & core blast
Wednesday Back, quads, biceps & core
Thursday Full body & core
Friday Shoulders, abs & core blast
Saturday Full body & core

There are many different ways to incorporate weight training and functional training into your routine. If you are looking to train a minimum of 3 days a week we would recommend selecting the days that target specific muscle groups or select these muscle groups or if you feel you need to build muscle more in certain areas. Where if 1-2 days a week is more achievable for you then a full body option would be recommended for best results.

Below is some reasons why the different types of training splits work:

Benefits of a specific muscle group splits

–       Balance across the body

When training for generalised health and fitness, it is important to have a balance of training across muscle groups. If specific areas are trained harder than others, an imbalance can form in the body. This can lead to postural issues, injury, muscle tightness and over development.

–       Recovery

It is important to give muscle groups enough rest to allow them to recover and grow. Undergoing strength training causes lactic acid to be released into the blood and the muscle tissue of the targeted area begins to break down. This can lead to muscles soreness and fatigue. The healing process is important in weight training as it allows the muscle fibres to recover and increase strength in the muscle group. By having a muscle group split in training, each muscle group can be given adequate time to recover and therefore for strength to increase.

–       Stabilising the Core

There are many benefits to incorporating specific core training into muscle group splits. Training the core encourages balance and stability in the body. This is essential for healthy posture that can prevent pain and injury, preventing falls and improving performance in day to day activities.  

Benefits of full-body training

–       Maximum calorie burn

By targeting all the major muscle groups in the body, energy requirements are higher. The working muscles require more oxygen and for waste to be removed from the working muscles. This leads to an immediate higher calorie burn in a shorter period of time.

–       Missed sessions

When it comes to your workout week, we all know there are constantly life hurdles popping up. Full body sessions target all of the muscles and as mentioned above, burn a stack of calories. If you’re prone to a busy lifestyle then full body session can be a great bang for buck.

–       Cardiovascular health

Cardiovascular fitness refers to how efficient the body is at utilising oxygen when the muscles of the body are working. Full-body training is a great way to improve cardiovascular fitness as more muscles are working than isolated training and therefore the body is forced to become more efficient at distributing oxygen to the working muscles.