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Thank You Sauna

Full details on your booking.

Please bring sweat towel, drink bottle and if wanting to shower bring a bath towel. We have filtered water available to refill your drink bottle.

Our Sauna is a top of the line Sun Stream Evolve 10. Designed for 1 person and has 6 panels with 360 degree heating that will heat up quicker and sustain the heat through your whole session.

Blue tooth connectivity is available to be used and you can connect your mobile to the sauna speakers. Alternatively we recommend you bring a book or magazine to read. Mobile phones are not recommended to be used for long period in the sauna due to the heat and they may be damaged.

All bookings are made for 45min to allow 5min buffer between sessions so please be 5 minutes early if possible.

Please be aware that classes at the gym are on at 9.30am and 4.45pm with music playing for 45min. If wanting quiet for relaxation we suggest booking outside these times.

Post session we do suggest letting your body regulate your temperature naturally, then having a warm shower at home and finishing with 2 minutes of cold water. We have shower facilities if this is not an option and you need to regulate quickly.

Infrared Sauna Area


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