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Health, Fitness & Work Productivity

We all have our own reasons for working out, but most of us are familiar with the primary
benefits of fitness including…

● Weight loss
● Muscle gain
● Physical functionality
● Improved bone mass

However, it might surprise you how regular exercise can improve other areas of your life that
you might not have expected, such as helping you perform better at work. Let us show you
the 5 key reasons why fitness can help you in the workplace.


1. Mental Fitness

Not only does working out strengthen your physical body, improving your muscles, bones
and joints, it also has the unique ability to build your discipline.
Persisting throughout your workouts and striving to improve strengthens your mental fitness,
ultimately helping you to stay focused and dedicated to your tasks at work.
The mind is a muscle after all.



2. Energy Levels

Studies suggest that our physical activity contributes to our energy levels and well-being,
helping us to feel better and more energised when we commit to an active lifestyle and
participate in regular physical activity.
Increased energy is a pivotal factor in maximising your levels of motivation in the workplace,
helping you to stay motivated to complete work without feeling as drained throughout the
You might find that with your active lifestyle and increase in energy, you’re able to complete
your work more efficiently within shorter periods of time, allowing you more time in the day to
do the things you love.


3. Ability to Focus

In our daily lives, we have so many different technologies, platforms and people competing
for our attention that can cause us to be constantly distracted if we allow ourselves to be.
This makes it increasingly difficult to stay focused on our tasks for long periods of time.
Exercising is an incredible tool in ensuring your mind and attention is directed at one specific
task until completed. Completing exercise requires your mind to focus to be able to complete
the activities and movements correctly.

Practicing focus during your exercise translates into other aspects of your life including work
and school, helping you to stay in a positive mindset, sticking to the task at hand until it is


4. Work/Life Balance

You’ve heard it a million times before and you will hear it a million more. Work/life balance is
so important to ensure longevity and ability to remain happy throughout our day to day life.
It’s vital that we achieve this balance throughout our lives, with health and fitness being a
key factor in ensuring we achieve this. Health and fitness forces us to spend some time
dedicated to improving our health and wellness, ultimately helping us to remain happier and
more productive in the long run throughout our work.



5. Stress Management

Most of us will endure work related stress. Whether this comes from our interactions with
customers, colleagues, chasing deadlines or pressure, we can become overwhelmed and
exhausted which often has a negative effect on the quality of our work.
Interestingly, regular exercise can make you better at handling stress without letting it impair
your productivity. Data finds a strong connection between physical activity and emotional


In other words, the more active you are, the better you will be able to handle stress, and the
less likely you will be to suffer the adverse effects: burnout, hopelessness, depression, etc.



Now that you know just how regular exercise can help your work productivity, it’s time to
dedicate yourself to your fitness goals and feel better from the inside out.