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Teen Nutrition + Training

Most teenagers don’t think twice about their nutrition and instead direct all their focus, dedication, and energy to training.  

We cannot deny that good training is essential for overall fitness success, but focusing on that alone will limit you and keep you from reaching your potential. 

How you fuel your body will play a crucial role in your athletic performance, training quality, and overall recovery. So, let’s go over the nutritional rules for fitness success in teenagers.


Rule 1: Eat Enough Calories

While adults often have to monitor their calorie intake to avoid unwanted weight gain, teenagers can be much more liberal with their food intake. The body grows and develops during the teenage years, making calories essential. 

Not eating enough food can limit your growth and development, preventing you from reaching your true athletic potential.

You should eat enough food to gain weight steadily but not to the point where you’re gaining too much fat.


Rule 2: Eat The Right Foods

Establishing good eating habits during your teenage years will make your life much easier later and keep you from health issues that often arise from being overweight. You should base your diet around whole and nutritious foods and avoid limiting any specific food group. 


Rule 3: Get Enough Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient that provides your body with amino acids––the building blocks of life. Eating enough protein is vital for post-training recovery, muscle growth, development, and overall health. 

The amino acids you get from protein play an important role in many bodily processes, allowing you to get fit, maintain your health, and realize your entire physical and athletic potential. 

As a teenager, you don’t have to worry about following specific protein rules, but you should get some protein with each meal. Great sources include meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, and protein powder supplements.


Rule 4: Fuel Yourself Before And After Training

The meals you eat before and after training will play an essential role in your performance, ability to recover, and overall athletic progress. 

Eating a good meal around two hours before training supplies your body with energy, provides some amino acids, and hydrates you. Having a meal after training kickstarts the recovery process, replenishes lost glycogen (a complex carb form stored in the muscles and liver), and prevents muscle breakdown. 

Both meals can be identical in size and composition. Each should provide you with some protein (for instance, a couple of eggs or a piece of meat) and complex carbs (rice, pasta, oats, etc.). You can also have some fats but avoid overeating the nutrient before training as it takes longer to digest and might make you feel nauseous during your workouts. 

Mindful eating is important and doesn’t have to be complicated. We understand the importance of nutrition and training here at ENZED Fitness. This is why we have partnered with a local nutritionist to ensure our members are able to reach out to a trusted professional.