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Overcoming Gym Anxiety




The gym can be a scary place. Learning how to navigate it, perform exercises correctly, and use the gym equipment often takes time. Plus, add some social interactions, and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for gym anxiety.


Luckily, overcoming these feelings isn’t that difficult. Let’s see what you what can help.


  1. Stop Overthinking It


Overthinking is one of the worst things you could do because your mind is bound to come up with all sorts of negative scenarios. Give yourself enough time, and you will come up with dozens of good reasons why you shouldn’t hit the gym.


The truth is, feeling anxious isn’t necessary because:

  1. People are focusing on themselves, not on you.
  2. Everyone feels at least a bit anxious – you’re not alone.
  3. Those who do notice you will applaud you for your efforts.


  1. Go With a Friend


The second great tactic for overcoming gym anxiety is working out with a friend, preferably one with some gym experience. Going with a buddy giving you that extra support is a great way to melt away some anxiety and feel more at ease.


Plus, you get to learn together, keep each other accountable, and stay more consistent.


  1. Do What Feels Familiar


Learning to do new things can be challenging and frustrating, especially in public. Navigating the gym and learning how to use the various machines and preform exercises correctly can be a big source of anxiety, so we encourage you to start with something you know.


For instance, if you’re good at pull-ups or push-ups, do some of these activities when you first start going to the gym. Alternatively, start with squats or other bodyweight movements.


Begin each workout with a small warm-up to get your blood flowing, do a couple of familiar movements and look around the gym and how people are using the different pieces of equipment.


Once you feel comfortable enough, try a simple machine like leg extensions or pec dec flyers.


  1. Start Small


Many people struggle to overcome their gym fears, and a huge reason is the belief that you have to be perfect from the start. The truth is, you don’t have to be perfect, and your workouts don’t need to be anything special. Start small, be consistent, and build from there.


Enter the gym, warm up for a bit, and do a handful of exercises before calling it a day. Don’t try to lift more weight than you can handle, and don’t attempt exercises you’re not ready for. Simply move your body, get some quality work done, and call it a day.


As you become more comfortable with the gym environment, your confidence will grow, and you will feel less anxious.


  1. Ask For Help


Asking for help might seem like the last thing you should do to start feeling less anxious. But it’s one of the most beneficial approaches because it gets you to open up and shows you that people are friendly and helpful.


Plus, asking for help teaches you how to navigate the gym, use the equipment, and perform exercises more quickly, which makes you more confident in that environment.



At ENZED Fitness we pride ourselves in creating a supportive and judgement free community that encourages all members to achieve their goals. Our team of professional trainers are here to answer any questions you may have along the way.