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Stress and Strength Training

Learning to manage stress and paying attention to your mental health are two crucial keys in the formula for happiness, well-being, and fulfilment in life.  While there are multiple ways of dealing with stress and maintaining your mental health, one activity that is proven again and again to make a difference, moving your body. Physical movement is in our DNA, making exercise a habit is one of the best ways to become more resilient to stress, feel better, and keep mental conditions at bay.


Let’s review how strength training can help.


It’s important to note that stress is a perfectly normal response to an external threat.  When you sense danger, your brain signals the adrenal gland to release large amounts of cortisol and adrenaline, among other hormones.As a result, blood sugar levels increase, providing more fuel for your muscles and brain. Your senses sharpen, you become stronger, and pain signals become less pronounced for a while. Once the threat goes away, things return to normal, and you feel more relaxed.


The problem is that chronic stress can lead to a prolonged stress response and elevations in cortisol and other hormones. Over time, these elevations can lead to health problems, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Strength training is beneficial for chronic stress because it floods the body with endorphins, bringing about feelings of relaxation and euphoria. As a result, our mood improves, and we don’t feel as stressed.


Additionally, lifting weights is an excellent way to blow off steam and leave frustrations at the gym instead of carrying worries with you. As a result, you’re more likely to feel lighter and more in control of your life. Plus, research suggests that physical activity makes us more resilient to stress, allowing us to deal with challenging situations.  Numerous studies suggest that strength training improves our mental health on several fronts, reducing the risk of mental conditions like depression. One notable reason is that strength training promotes endorphin release, leading to better mood and motivation.
Strength training also appears to stimulate serotonin production. The neurotransmitter plays a massive role in mood, emotional health, etc. Research links low serotonin levels with a higher risk of depression, insomnia, appetite deregulation, and more. The third benefit of strength training for mental health relates to good sleep. According to research, being physically active leads to higher quality sleep, which is essential for brain health, cognition, and other things. Sleeping well is also associated with good mental health and a lower risk of various conditions. Lifting weights is also a fantastic way to boost your confidence, thus reducing the risk of suffering from anxiety. Having confidence makes you better equipped to deal with challenges, reach your goals, and feel fulfilled.
At ENZED Fitness, we have a great combination of strength training combined with functional fitness in a safe and controlled environment. Allowing you to get all of the benefits while being supported by a great community and excellent trainers. Feel free to reach out to a team member today to help get you started.